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What is this module about?

Once you are almost ready with the definition of your Business Intelligence offer, this module will provide you tricks and tips to accelerate the ramp up.

To set the right expectations, it may take time for a new offer to generate the sales you are expecting. And the more innovative the offer, the longer the ramp up may be. All successful companies have been through this process. This is what we call "the long and winding road to leadership"!

The most important at this stage is to set realistic goals, review them regularly, learn and improve.

This module contains a video and a customer presentation template to download.

Content of the video:

  • Definition of Business Intelligence (yes, learning is also repetition...)
  • When is a good time to engage with customers
  • Starting with the end in mind
  • How to create your own customer presentation

Goal of this video:

At the end of the video, you should:

  • Set your realistic 100-day plan with monthly milestones and ownership
  • Define a list of customers you could test with your new offer
  • Build your own customer presentation
  • Test the presentation with your colleagues, friends, and family to check how it resonates
  • Go and sell!!


It has been such a pleasure to help you setting up your Business Intelligence offer! We truly hope your hard work will be rewarded with incremental sales and strengthened leadership.

All the team at Lemon Operations.