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Session Information

Please join us in our series of monthly update and Q&A sessions regarding Microsoft Security: securing the channel and your customers.

Apart from creating a platform to address your questions around IT security, Microsoft speakers will cover a variety of topics, including, but not limited to:

– Trends and industry intelligence
– Baseline security hygiene actions
– Updates on the Microsoft Security technology stack

Calls will be recorded and available in Cloud Champion.

We look forward to welcoming you in this series of digital sessions. You can access all the sessions here


  • Uwe Lüthy

    Uwe Lüthy

    Cloud Solution Architect Modern Work & Security

  • Martin Janisch

    Martin Janisch

    Partner Technology Strategist

  • Juan Manuel Servera

    Juan Manuel Servera

    Cloud Solution Architect


Audience Technique
Domaine d'intérêt Security
Langue Anglais
Solution Area Cross Solution