During this course you will improve your skills in positioning Microsoft 365 Security Features in the Business Premium licencing plan and discover the offerings and why customers should choose to upgrade their Basic or Standard Plans to Premium. You will learn how Defender Solutions can help to globally secure your assets and devices, with the power of Cloud Computing and how to help your customers into Cloud Adoption with dedicated marketing material, based on the Partner Resources and using Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.


This course will cover the following topics:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium Product Overview
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium Partner Opportunity
  • Microsoft 365 licensing basics and comparison
  • Upsell scenarios: from Basic & Standard to Business Premium
  • Business Premium: EMS advantages
  • Deploy SMB devices with Endpoint Manager
  • Using Microsoft Transform Portal to get marketing advantages
  • Increased value of Microsoft 365 Lighthouse

Note: for all the partners wanting to discover the various options, it is recommended to get your Partner ID and access to visit the links provided during the session.

Duration of the course: the training is a 1 day course.


  • Michel Aguilera

    Michel Aguilera

    IT Senior Trainer & Consultant


Zielgruppe Sales
Interessenbereich Microsoft 365
Format Online
Sprache Deutsch
Lösungsbereich Security